Jenny Maurer, ND received a BS from the Evergreen State College and went on to earn a doctorate of naturopathic medicine and certificate of midwifery from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine. As both a naturopathic family doctor and a midwife, she is able to care for all members of the family in a holistic and integrative way. Her practice is focused on pediatrics, women’s health and midwifery and she especially loves working with babies, children and pregnant mama’s.

Using many different types of natural therapies, she enjoys helping clients achieve optimal health in a collaborative and fun style.  As a midwife, she provides women and their families with holistic prenatal care and home birth. She is deeply inspired by the beauty and mystery of the childbearing cycle and all it entails, and is the proud mother of two incredible children, both born at home.  Jenny is also a die hard crafter, gardener, cook and all around urban homesteader who loves to be outside and enjoy the seasons.

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Jenny Maurer NDAs a naturopathic famiy doctor, Dr Maurer is able to apply the principles of naturopathic medicine to the practice of pediatrics. She integrates a preventative, gentle and natural approach to caring for babies and children and utilizes herbs, homeopathy and clinical nutrition to support a balanced diet and lifestyle. Focusing on good nutrition and sleep from the start is one of the foundations of her practice.

She performs well baby and well child exams with an emphasis on nutritional support for each stage of development and holistic methods of raising children. With the focus of prevention, she offers alternative vaccine scheduling that takes into account the individual child’s risk factors and the best timing of vaccines. This method requires fewer overall vaccines (and may omit some entirely) and is based on the most effective timing with the least chance of adverse reactions.  She is totally supportive of not vaccinating as well and will advocate fully for her patients who choose not to do so.  She treats any acute or chronic childhood illness and delights in working with children. Supporting optimal health naturally from the start is the most powerful way to prevent chronic disease.


Midwifery is an ancient art based on the traditional wisdom of women helping women through one of life’s most transformative and empowering journeys.  Midwives respectfully honor the sacredness and wonder of the childbearing cycle and accordingly follow the midwives model of care. These practices and beliefs are based on the philosophy that pregnancy and birth are normal, natural processes and that minimizing technological interventions is best for mother and baby.  Jenny believes in thorough monitoring of  pregnancy, birth and postpartum, and also believes that nature knows best. She is well trained to identify higher risk situations that may warrant a referral.   Every step of the process is explained so that parents may make informed decisions for themselves and their baby. Education and information about all aspects of pregnancy, birth and parenting are offered at visits and active participation from women and their families is encouraged.  Extra time is allotted at visits to help develop a strong, trusting bond that allows plenty of opportunities for questions and answers.

The foundation of  her philosophy is rooted in holistic nurturing of the body, mind and soul throughout pregnancy.  This garners a confidence and strength that allows women to look deep within themselves and discover their amazing, innate ability to birth naturally, at home. She provides loving, attentive care and strong emotional support that is individualized to women’s particular needs during labor. She takes great joy in working with pregnant women and their families to have healthy pregnancies and empowering births. Because she is both a naturopathic physicians and midwife, she is able to provide families with the best of modern natural medicine and the traditional wisdom of midwifery.  Jenny is trained in botanical medicine, homeopathy, nutrition and bodywork and incorporates these modalities into her midwifery practice and additionally fulfills the roles of family practitioner and pediatrician.  This unique position allows for continuity of care that is unmatched by traditional midwifery or obstetrics. Drawing much inspiration from the incredible strength of birthing women, she is deeply honored to guide and assist families through this amazing rite of passage and is a staunch advocate of homebirth, breastfeeding and preserving the motherbaby connection.

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