Childhood Development

Do you have concerns about your child's development?  Would you like to see if your child's motor, communication, social/emotional or cognitive development is on track?  Please go to the link below and  fill out the appropriate form for your child before your scheduled visit.  One of our doctors will help you review the form during your appointment.

Family Health

Pediatric Care

  • Holistic treatment for common pediatric illnesses such as allergies, ear infections, colds/flus, asthma, rashes, belly aches and fevers
  • Well baby and well child exams
  • Vaccinations, Vaccine information and alternative vaccine scheduling
  • Nutritional support for all stages of development
  • Infant and Child Sleep support
  • Comprehensive medical care for children with Autism and developmental disorders


At SFM, we strive to provide a thoughtful approach to childhood vaccination.  We understand that the current CDC vaccination recommendations may not be appropriate for every child.  One of our trained physicians will be able to work with your family to create a vaccine schedule fitted to suit your child's individual risk factors. 

We provide all routine childhood vaccinations to our patients.  We vaccinate using a schedule designed to minimize the chance of adverse effects and comprehensive enough to provide protection from infectious disease.   We can take your family's health history, current health status and risk factors into account when vaccinating your child.

With this vaccination service comes a great responsibilty on behalf of the parent to educate themselves on the risks and benefits of the individual vaccines vs. the childhood disease in question.   Keep in mind that a modified schedule limits the amount of vaccinations received in a single visit.  This schedule requires more frequent visits to the doctor's office and more of a financial burden on the family. 

Additional Recommended Reading

The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for Your Child by Robert Sears MD

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